It Depends – An answer to many

After writing on various terms often used like ‘:)’ or ‘Kuch Nae’. I just came across the learning that ‘It depends’ matters alot. At time when we are making relationships, Acts of God, Happening in surroundings, inner conflicts,and all other things General, we need to realize that It depends, When we are relating our circumstances with others we need to realize It depends on story board. When we are holding the entire world responsible we need to stop and think, It depends. When we are being continuosly grilled by God and Environment, It depends – weather its learning and development or God! Why me?. When we are being refused a greater opportunity, it depends weather a greatest one would just be out of the box. So It depends whats in it for us. Stop killing yourself in the name of pity and see It Depends 🙂



Published by

Muhammad Haider Miraj

A person on the journey of self exploration & learning/development. Time and pain have been my teachers and mentor they made me believe that whatsoever happens, happens for the reason - its gives you learning and add value to yourself. Nature and Spirit helped me connecting within and connect the dots to enhance and and enrich the Faith. Aksr lafz insan ko khokhla bna dete hain jab insan kahe kuch aur .........kere kuch aur..... shaied main b khokhla hogya aur khud ki shanakht se bhagne wale kisi ko shanakht ne de skte. Shaied jo ap parhe wo ap ki zat ka ansar bhi hun q k hain to hum sab ik k hi jaye bus ab khaul mukhtalif pehn liye hain aur ye tehreerein khol walo k liye ne humare asal k liye hain. Duaon ka talib Haider Miraj

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