Live for life

It was just the last month when I had to change my accomodation certainly – hum begharo ka koi thinkana to he nae :), and I came across this gentleman who could be defined only in the following way:

Main deen dharam se mawra

Main hun hazrat insan

(Deen, Dharam – Religion, Mawra – Being above)

And through our amazing time and poetic evenings we came acoross another artist. From Last few months I feel like I am being a rebellious soul who doesnt need any ethics who dont know any norm, and the only faith is passion – In last one week I came across people who were too busy in the world that was artificially created around them and their love was deep inside rusting. Silence in the room, Desperate weather, being on the on, and connecting the artistic path makes our selves quite hollow within – – People loving poetry were busy being doctors and I use to sing Reshman in my weird voice and saying poetry extempore to the statues and old buildings of Glasgow.

The only thing I now live and want to do is follow your passion and live with tribe. These two things are anti depressants and makes you feel like old homes in the vilage – Pure, Connected and Natural otherwise people around would kill you by telling what you should do and where the technology is heading, World is changing, People are doing wonders – So what they might be too shattered inside – Its not how the building looks from outside but how lively it is within – So this is what we should do be it New Jersey or Lahore or Islam Kot or Glasgow – Live with who you love and follow what you want, Trust me you will survive else you will die looking at the world and being hard on yourself because for you its you who needs to be important — With this I will drop my lid and walk down to the george street saying

Waiz Main koi chor hun jo tujhse daronga

Mu tor k rkhdunga agar lehja talkh hua

11:27 a.m.



Published by

Muhammad Haider Miraj

A person on the journey of self exploration & learning/development. Time and pain have been my teachers and mentor they made me believe that whatsoever happens, happens for the reason - its gives you learning and add value to yourself. Nature and Spirit helped me connecting within and connect the dots to enhance and and enrich the Faith. Aksr lafz insan ko khokhla bna dete hain jab insan kahe kuch aur .........kere kuch aur..... shaied main b khokhla hogya aur khud ki shanakht se bhagne wale kisi ko shanakht ne de skte. Shaied jo ap parhe wo ap ki zat ka ansar bhi hun q k hain to hum sab ik k hi jaye bus ab khaul mukhtalif pehn liye hain aur ye tehreerein khol walo k liye ne humare asal k liye hain. Duaon ka talib Haider Miraj

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