Bawaqt Jawab – Timely answers

At times we have real bonds and then the one which our pen imagines and creatures live – –

Below is an excerpt from a letter fiction based on teaching transformed into word-gasm :D. This was surfaced in reply to someone who was quite bugged by my so many messages(Yes I did xD and cherry on the top is few texts were even more then a word) because she thought I am quite wela :D(Which I am) so.

Enjoy the read – Lead the tribe


It was my dad sitting infront of me and complaining me about time – a young lad of 23 was dancing in the trance of fame and success, holded looked at the old man. He dropped his spectacles on the table, made his face less resilient and said
You know w
hat people are important specially those who love what you do rather then those who just want to b with, people r important then chores and technology specially when they are from tribe – value them, respond them, explain them because they matter :). We should try to make them feel special because they are born special.

Letters of Haider Miraj 2014



Published by

Muhammad Haider Miraj

A person on the journey of self exploration & learning/development. Time and pain have been my teachers and mentor they made me believe that whatsoever happens, happens for the reason - its gives you learning and add value to yourself. Nature and Spirit helped me connecting within and connect the dots to enhance and and enrich the Faith. Aksr lafz insan ko khokhla bna dete hain jab insan kahe kuch aur .........kere kuch aur..... shaied main b khokhla hogya aur khud ki shanakht se bhagne wale kisi ko shanakht ne de skte. Shaied jo ap parhe wo ap ki zat ka ansar bhi hun q k hain to hum sab ik k hi jaye bus ab khaul mukhtalif pehn liye hain aur ye tehreerein khol walo k liye ne humare asal k liye hain. Duaon ka talib Haider Miraj

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