Trainer – Sneak Peak

I am a person on journey of self exploration. My teachers are the time, opportunity and people. My experience is the time I spent going deep inside and connecting my self with my ‘self’ and nature. From being nothing to something I have traveled and suffered alot. My mentors are folk literature and experiences of generation elder then me. I might not be able to give you all the answers but yes I will encourage you to find them as I don’t want you to be dependent but empower you as its all about you.


Marketing & PR. Executive – FAST-NU, Chiniot – Faisalabad Campus
Free Lance Consultant for Advertisement, Business Development and Conceptual Art
Chief Operating Officer – Xsparc Inc.
Certified Trainer by School of Leadership, Karachi
Certified facilitator by British Council
Agent of Change – Djuice


National Achievements & Events:

• Won various speech competitions at school and college level
• Presided Literary Society of FAST for more than 2 years
• Was working as a President of TAMASHA (All Pakistan Cultural Event) 2011 held at FAST
• Founded and Presided TAMASHA (All Pakistan Cultural Event) 2010 held at FAST-NU, Islamabad Campus
• Organized events of different Flavors i.e. University Debates, Quiz, Seminars, Pakistan Day
• Conducted Workshop on Leadership skills and Debating skills
• Contributed workshops on debating skills organized by FAST-NU
• Won 3rd Prize in Provincial level of Allama Iqbal Shield organized by HEC and Ministry of Education
• Won 2nd Prize in All Pakistan Allama Iqbal Shield 2009 organized by HEC and Ministry of Education
• Adjudicated different events like Declamation, Public speaking, Theatre, Movie making, etc
• Represented Pakistan in Prime Minister Youth Delegation
• Represented youth on various Talk Shows and Interviews

Training & Development:

• Attended Young Leaders’ Conference 2011 organized by School of Leadership.
• Attended Train The Young Trainer program in 2012 organized by School of Leadership.
• Trained almost 5,000 students on Personality Development, Interview Tactics, Spiritual Insight and theatre skills.
• Trained Outreach scholarship batch by Govt. of Pakistan on becoming a guru.
• Trained almost 30,000 students of non metropolitan areas on career development i.e. Gojra, Chiniot, Jhang, etc
• Trained students of more than 45 educational institutes i.e. FAST – NU, CASE, UET Taxila, The City School, LGS, Chenab College, etc
• Keynote Speaker to various institutes on Entrepreneurship i.e CASE, GIKI, FAST-NU, Nokri q ne milti, Youth Activism Summit, FCCI, etc
• Guru at Guru Jee Baithak by SOL, ISlamabad
• Running brain child training programmes like Anokha Ladla, Live it Not Leave it, Become A Guru, Exploring Opportunities – Building Careers, Market the Brand ‘You’, Shehar-e-Zaat – World of Soul

Journey Packages – Lets invest on our ‘Development’:


Career Development Program
“Seek your light ….. Torch is lit”


We all have what it takes to be our best. This is a program designed to empower youth through greater awareness of self and the opportunities. In EO-BC, students discover the persona within and explore the opportunities in environment and how to channelize their potential in proper direction. This 90-minute program focuses on building competencies and career development.


To make youth aware of their potential, emerging technologies, motivating them towards healthy future and telling them how FAST fits in their future.

• What’s in it for you
• Self Evaluation
• Main se Main Tak
• Growth – Learning – Innovation
• Set objectives according to current needs
• Goal Setting and reaching it
• Journey from vision to reality
• Stories that changed the trends
• You can, you should, you must
• Evaluating opportunities

-Students of O-Levels & A-Levels


Institutes Covered: LGS, The City School, LaSalle High School, Deens College, Chenab Colleges, 30 different Govt Colleges, to name a few


Live it Not Leave it


We all are surrounded by our fears and so called beliefs which never let us live our passion and desires.


Injecting Passion & Motivation with stories of Mango people who changed the world

• Consistency
• Levels of Learning
• Born to be great
• Cycles of Entrepreneurship
• Screw it – Do it
• Guru Mantra
• Hit the Nail right on the Head

-Students of Undergraduate

Institutes Covered: FAST-NU, LGS, SISA, CASE to name a few

profile 1

Market the Brand “YOU”


We are in the era of brands and technologies. When we see our career in corporate sector we must not forget that we are brand and we need to Market ourselves


Marketing the band “YOU”. Empowering young graduates according to the Norms of Corporate sector

• Where you fit in
• CV Writing
• Interview skills
• Effective communication skills
• Appearence & Dressing –
• Options and MArket worth

-Students of Final year

Institutes Covered: FAST-NU, GC, NasCon, UET to name a few


We are the best creation of Lord and we are more close through the ”higher power”


Self Analysis and Connection. Something just for yourself not the world.

• Zat
• Shauq se Janoon
• Taluq
• Priorities – TPAS
• Cycles of Relationship
• Lok Daastane
• Modern Parameters of Life
• Socalled Relationships and God
• Our Issues

-Students from age group 16-22

Events/Organization: POLISH, YAS, Sukhn, SOL, etc

Anokha Ladla


We are the best creation of Lord and we are more close through the ”higher power”


Self Analysis and Connection. Something just for yourself not the world.

• Zat
• Shauq se Janoon
• Taluq
• Priorities – TPAS
• Cycles of Relationship
• Lok Daastane
• Modern Parameters of Life
• Socalled Relationships and God
• Our Issues

-Students from age group 16-22

Events/Organization: POLISH, YAS, Sukhn, SOL, etc

Shehar-e-Zaat | Our Spirtual and Identical Essence


Insan Jb is duniya me aya to farishto ne tojeh paish ki aur farmaya k tum unhe zameen pe utaroge jo apas me qatal-o-gharat aur khoon rezi kerege to Allah ne kaha wo tum ne jante jo main janta hun aur us k bad insan k liye tamam kainat ko rkh dia k jisko chahe taskheer kere – Khoje, dhoondhe aur Jeet le per insan ne ilm ko naimat ki bjaye fakhar aur taqat ko azmaish ki jaga ana ka bais bnaya aur anokha ladla khaseem-o-mobeen ban k reh gya – Mohabat hawas ki jaga agyi aur faqeer tareekh ka wo hisa ban k reh gya jise na to khoja gya aur na mana gya – per waqt ne kayi bar sabit kiya k wo jo kehte the sahi kehte the sab apne asal se bhagte hain aur phir thak k apne hi qadmo me gir jate hain

Don’t miss the journey – 3 hours dedicated to ‘US’ | Lets do a bit of confession and lets be what we are


Ishq – Majazi se Haqeeqi

 Ibteda
 Insan – Anokha Ladla
 Self Pity
 Accountability
 Originality
 Daastan Goyi accompanied by Music
 Main se Sirf Main
 Log – Issues for the People by the People

Session 2: Relationships and Our Perceptions | Ishq ap v awalla

 Our Issues
 Dastan Goyi – Abstract of Raja Gidh and Peer-e-Kamil
 Soul – Spirit – Search
 Selfish to Selfless
 Perceptions & Experiences

-Students from age group 15-22

Events/Organization: Baithak, Jaagoo, Creative Alley, etc

Pictoral Gallerty – Random Clicks

Anokha Ladla


One thought on “Trainer – Sneak Peak”

  1. If I were to define the word inspiration through a personality, it would surely be my prime choice to take Haider Miraj as the name.

    In all of my training session experiences, it would be very easy to say that this person is the one who has reached out to me the most. His style is what makes him different, the ability to make the most mundane of topics and issues interesting enough to aspire your senses and ambitions is something that is exclusive to Haider Miraj.

    His talks are spiritual and practical, all at the same time.

    My personal favourite of his sessions, Shehar-e-Zaat, at Youth Activism Summit 2012, was a powerful tool for self-realization, of purpose and spirituality.

    The words of this person have the power to pick you from the deepest and gravest of despairs and lift you up to the most zealous and impassioned form of your being.

    Respect to that.
    Respect to Haider Miraj.

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